with bayern munich it’s 9-2 or nothing there’s no inbetween


It’s almost funny how sad this is

it took too long to julian get sent off 
unfortunately it was on his birthday

09-20 / 5:32


♛ Happy 21st Birthday Julian Draxler. 


Happy 21st birthday to Julian Draxler!

"He laughs about everything. Sometimes it’s not even funny, but Jule laughs anyway. Like a child sometimes." - Benedikt Höwedes


Happy 21th Birthday Julian Draxler!

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I’m a player that works very hard and will do everything to win and I think I know how to do that in football, what roles are required for each position. So I just always try to do my bit for the team, and with me that means playing a lot of matches. If I want to feel I’ve played well in a game, I also need to have run around a lot. And I try to complement my team-mates so that the whole teams functions well. - Thomas Müller


Happy Birthday, Julian Draxler!

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September 20th, 1993 - Happy 21st Birthday, Julian!

Remember when….: Toni Kroos pretty deliberately takes out Jesus Navas, walks away, and cannot find a single fuck to give about the resulting yellow card.